Inclement Weather Policy

ROC Race will operate in any weather condition unless we or the venue deem the conditions to be unsafe for our participants, spectators or staff. In the event of an extreme weather condition that adversely affects the event, we will inform participants of any changes to our event schedule via email, our event web page and our Facebook page.

Please note, the availability of certain course elements and obstacles may be subject to change due to weather conditions. 

To check for any changes to the schedule of your ROC Race event, please check the aforementioned information sources. Also, please use these official means of communication as the only sources of information to make decisions regarding your participation in the ROC Race event. 

Please remember, there are no refunds regardless of circumstance even if we are forced to postpone, reschedule or cancel the event due to inclement weather, terrorism or acts of God out of our control.  Your time slot may be delayed if participant safety is at risk due to severe weather, and if possible we will extend the event to accommodate all participants.  In the unlikely circumstance that we are forced to cancel the event, participants within affected time slots will be allowed to transfer to another ROC Race free of charge.

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